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Scanning AWS servers in multiple accounts issue

Hi, i have different credentials for same region but lansweeper show only for last servers.In order i have #4 credentials assigned on Frankfurt Region but lansweeper show only last credentials servers.How can fix this issue?Thank you

HDSwascan by Engaged Sweeper
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Filter Column to only display CVE values

Hi,Is there a way in SQL to select certain values from a Description column and display just those values in a new column or the same Column, for example I have a table containing CVE information, I'm trying to just identify the CVE Values so this :"...

Andy_Sismey by Champion Sweeper III
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Exclude specific computers from report

Currently using this report to find out what machines are missing Trend Micro. I have a few I would like to exclude, can anyone advise on how to accomplish this? Sorry not an expert in this area!Select Top 1000000 tsysOS.Image As icon, tblAssets.Ass...

seand by Engaged Sweeper II
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Windows 11 reporting

I'm wondering about reporting on Windows 11 devices in LanSweeper.Currently I can go off of tsysOS.OSCode = '10.0.22000', however, the tsysOS.OSName for that ID is still 'Win 10'. Using tsys.OSCode will allow me to report on Windows 11 machines, howe...

cand by Engaged Sweeper
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Chart: Microsoft Office 365 Versions

It took me a while to get this working, mainly due to my lack of knowledge in doing these queries. This will grab the version number of the Office 365 installation and give the total amount of clients with that version. In turn it can be used for cha...

suspect0 by Engaged Sweeper
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Printer Network Interfaces Database Table?

I'm trying to build a report showing all the network interfaces present across our printer fleet regardless of connection status. The individual printer asset pages can show multiple interfaces, but I can't find where this is stored to pull it into a...

ChrisParr by Engaged Sweeper II
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