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Engaged Sweeper
We want to automatically log the date that each of our computers is imaged, so that we can pull off a report of which ones are over 1.5 years and need to be reimaged soon. As part of the mini setup after a computer is imaged I was going to have a batch file run that puts the current date into a custom registry key. Which we would then record with LANSweeper. The date is in the format dd-mm-yyyy.

Now I'm an SQL newbie, but I think I can see a problem. I want to create a report sorted with this registry key, with most recently imaged computers at the top etc. But as the information is text and not a date it won't sort them correctly. It will sort by day, month then year not year, month, day.

Hope this makes sense! 🙂
Lansweeper Alumni
I suggest to store a registry setting in this format: YYYYMMDD
This way you can just sort as test or number.