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Champion Sweeper
Is there a way to pull the TPM status of a machine? I imagine there is a way in windows, since starting Bitlocker does an in-windows check for the TPM activation. If so, how would you create a report to retrieve said info? Ideally it would pipe everything back in an easy to understand format. Something simple that I can easily say "okay, I need to push the tpm activation to that machine"
Champion Sweeper
Thats fair. I saw those too, but the information is a bit difficult to digest, as much as it is inconsistent. I am more looking for the sorta thing that I need Dell OpenManage to accomplish. Be nice if there was a similar feature that LS could pull up?

Bios password detected? Yes/No
TPM On Yes/No
TPM Activated Yes/No

that sorta thing.

if wishes were fishes.
Champion Sweeper II
I do see references to TPM information under assets, but the information is very inconsistent at least in our environment. I'd recommend emailing Lansweeper support for a more precise answer.