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Engaged Sweeper III
Migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Using the asset management Breakdown Provided by Lansweeper ie Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows Server etc from the Main Dashboard, how real-time is that data or is there a setting to keep those reports updated?
Honored Sweeper II
When are your assets scanned?

Reports are showing what's in the database at the time they're run. How current that information is depends on when you scan your assets. (Scanning > Scanning Targets > Show Schedule)

Bear in mind that not every characteristic about each asset is scanned on every scheduled pass. Refer to Scanning > Scanned Item Interval. If there's something there you want scanned more/less frequently, update the number of days.

e.g. From the schedule, you may scan your assets daily or weekly, but from the scanned items, the BIOS information may only be refreshed every 30 days because that's unlikely to change too often.

If there are machines you want current info on "right now", create yourself a report to list only them so you're not wasting time scanning everything, then click the Rescan Assets link in the menu to the left.