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Engaged Sweeper
I have copied the built in report 'Software: By computer' and have removed unneeded columns. I am now trying to exclude approved software and just list software that hasn't been approved. But there are many different versions of software installed on our network so using wildcards would make the query look cleaner This is my example query below but the wildcard do not work.

Select Top 1000000 tsysOS.Image As icon,
tblSoftwareUni.softwareName As software,
tblSoftware.softwareVersion As version,
tblSoftwareUni.SoftwarePublisher As publisher,
From tblSoftware
Inner Join tblAssets On tblSoftware.AssetID = tblAssets.AssetID
Inner Join tblSoftwareUni On tblSoftware.softID = tblSoftwareUni.SoftID
Inner Join tblAssetCustom On tblAssets.AssetID = tblAssetCustom.AssetID
Inner Join tsysOS On tblAssets.OScode = tsysOS.OScode
Left Join tsysIPLocations On tsysIPLocations.StartIP <= tblAssets.IPNumeric
And tsysIPLocations.EndIP >= tblAssets.IPNumeric
Where tblSoftwareUni.softwareName Not In ('.NET Core SDK%', 'GIMP%")',
) And tblAssetCustom.State = 1
Order By software,
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I don't think IN supports wildcards. So you'll have to just use AND instead and make multiple clauses for each software

Where tblSoftwareUni.softwareName NOT LIKE '.NET Core SDK%' And tblSoftwareUni.softwareName NOT LIKE 'GIMP%'

Additionally I would suggest looking at the report Software: Unauthorized software, which sounds like the thing you're looking for.