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Chrome 114 Audit

Chrome 114 is now available and includes 16 security fixes along with new improvements like unpacking nested archives for download protection and Chrome Enterprise profiles signout. Grab your overview...


Cisco Small Business Series Vulnerability Audit

9 Critical vulnerabilities have been disclosed by Cisco in their small business series switches. These can lead to arbitrary code execution if exploited, so take a look at the details in our blog belo...


Chrome 113 Vulnerabilities Audit

Google released its third emergency patch in a month's time to fix 12 vulnerabilities that, if exploited, could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the logged-on user. Our audit is read...


Firefox 113 & ESR 102.11 Audit

Firefox 113 & ESR 102.11 was released, including enhanced PiP, other minor updates, and fixes for 13 security issues. You can grab an audit to view all outdated Firefox installations on the Firefox 11...


Second Chrome 112 Zero-Day Vulnerability

Less than a week after the last one, Google fixed another zero-day vulnerability in Chrome 112. The issue could lead to arbitrary code execution, so make sure to update as soon as possible. Google Fi...


Chrome 112 Zero-Day Vulnerability

Google has released a security update for Chrome 112 to address an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability. Make sure to update any vulnerable installations as soon as possible.  Chrome 112 Zero-Day...


Adobe Acrobat and Reader Vulnerability Audit

Adobe's monthly patches are also available. They fixed critical vulnerabilities in 6 products. For the most popular product Adobe Acrobat, we created a special audit so you can see all affected device...


Firefox 112 and Firefox ESR 102.10 Audit

The final browser update for the month is here with Firefox 112 and ESR 102.10. Including more cross-site tracking protections, a reduction in GPU usage for video playback, 22 security fixes, and more...


Apple CVE-2023-28206 & CVE-2023-28205

Apple released new security updates for most of its devices due to actively exploited vulnerabilities. If these are exploited successfully, attackers can gain full control over your Apple devices so b...


Edge 112 Audit

Edge 112 is now also available with new security fixes and improvements like an In-browser JSON viewer, enhanced security mode improvements, edit and save web images in Microsoft Edge, and more. You c...


Chrome 112 Audit

Google released Chrome version 112 which includes an updated onboarding experience, changes to HTTPS policies, and other minor updates. Additionally, Google fixed 16 security issues. You can find the ...


Firefox 111 and Firefox ESR 102.9 Audit

The last of the big three browsers got its update. Firefox 111 & ESR 102.9 are live, with Windows native notifications now being enabled and multiple security fixes. Grab the audit to ensure your orga...


Edge 111 Audit

Microsoft released Edge 111, which includes a new sidebar, a new feed on the new tab page, and the latest security updates. If you want to know which devices are fully up to date, or just want to know...


Chrome 111 Audit

Chrome 111 is out! Including Out-of-process System DNS Resolution, Azure AD single sign-on (SSO) and 40 security fixes. Be sure to audit your IT environment to ensure you have the latest Chrome versio...


Schneider Electric CVE-2022-45788 and CVE-2022-45789

Two new vulnerabilities in Scheider Electric OT devices can cause arbitrary code execution, denial of service and more! Read more about which products are affected and grab the in the Schneider Electr...


Edge 110 Audit

Edge 110 is also live now, covering similar security vulnerabilities as the Chrome update last week and 2 additional Edge-specific security fixes. Check what's new and grab the audit on the Edge 110 p...


OpenSSL Audit

OpenSSL released a new version with 8 security fixes. Read all about the vulnerabilities fixed and how to discover vulnerable devices, find out more, and the audit in the OpenSSL blog post.


Chrome 110 Audit

Chrome version 110 has been released, with most notable the end of support for Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows Server 2012/2012 R2. 15 Security issues have also been addressed in the latest update. You ca...


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