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Engaged Sweeper II
Dear Concern,

We had given the permissions for specified people to view the web Console. But there is a possibility for Everyone to update the Data in the Custom Fields. Is there any such facility to give the access permissions for only one user to update the data in console by restricting the other users. Kindly see the attachment for further clarification.

Lansweeper Alumni
In Lansweeper 4.2, website access is "all or nothing": a user can either see/edit everything or see/edit nothing.

In Lansweeper 5.0, which is currently in beta, the following user roles are available:
- Access website
- View basic actions
- View advanced actions
- Rescan computers
- Edit data
- Edit reports
- Add comments
- Add docs
- Edit configuration

A download link and further info on Lansweeper 5.0 can be found here. To set up authenticated access in Lansweeper 5.0, you will need to:
- Configure your web server for authentication. (You should have already done this.)
- Add your AD user groups to the Configuration\Website Access section of the Lansweeper web console. Note that you must submit AD user groups and that you must use the format NetBIOS domain name\group name. The following would be a valid entry for instance: lansweeper\administrators. You can assign a group to one or more roles.