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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi there

Is there a way to set Active Scanning so that it only scans computers / devices that haven't been scanned in the last 2 days?

The reason I ask is, we have lspush setup so our workstations do the work when they login and send the info back. Things like our servers, printers, routers etc though that either don't login or are unable to use lspush won't get updated.

It seems daft if active scanning is scanning all recently logged on devices if most of them have already completed the audit.

I hope that makes sense.

Basically I just want a way to regularly scan printers and servers without doubling up the scanning of workstations.
Lansweeper Alumni
I suggest the following:

1)Disable active scanning (no workstations will be scanned)
2)Use scheduled scanning each 2 days only for the OU’s that contain your servers. (will scan your servers)
3)Use ip range scanning but check the checkbox “no windows” (this will scan your printers, …)