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Engaged Sweeper
LS Pro is, for the most part, a vast improvement over 2.1, but one feature now missing that was really important and helpful was the AD information from computers. We used the AD computer description to store the name of the primary user of the computer, and we were planning to add the computer's asset tag (a local inventory label) to that field because LS2.1 gave an easy way to track that information and associate it with the rest of the computer. Unfortunately, because LS Pro no longer stores that information, we aren't able to keep track of that data anymore.

I'm considering an interim solution of pulling the data and inserting them into dummy registry keys via a startup script (and then tracking those registry keys through LS), but a more convenient solution would just be if LS tracked that data as LS2.1 did before (especially since, at present, I've not found an easy means of pulling the AD computer information from the command line).

Hello everyone,
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