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Engaged Sweeper III

This is a pickup from the repvious topic :

I've upgraded to Version 4 and now I'd like to get all of my Custom fileds displaying and updating correctly.

So in the database I've got 19 custom fields in table tbl.CompCustom.

I modified the tsysCustomNames table and added extra custom fields from Custom11 to Custom19.
The added fields are then added and visible from the LSMANAGE.exe application and I can modify the vaules from there and they all save.

Then to get the new fields visible on the website I modified the it-extrainfo.apsx file and added the additional custom fields and they display perfectly when I look at the custom fields.

Now the only issue that I have is that I can update custom fields 1 though 10 and the changes get saved. Any other from 11 to 19 and the values don't save.

Any ideas as to what other changes I need to make so that I can save the chnages on fields custom11 to custom19?

Engaged Sweeper III
brilliant, it works like charm.
Thanks for the help and great software
Lansweeper Alumni
You need to change page update.aspx