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Engaged Sweeper
I upgraded to yesterday and am now having an issue. We are a helpdesk and use Lansweeper as troubleshooting tool to gather information and remotely connect to hardware.

All seems to be working well, when we look up a piece of hardware (PC/Laptop/etc.), they are still found without any issues. From the Action screen we are able to utilize the Scanning actions and Basic actions but when we try to run any of the Advanced actions nothing happens (no error messages, not timeout, etc.). In some cases the helpdesk users PC will freeze up to the point where a reboot is required (this would be the person trying to run the one trying to run the Advanced action).

Everything was working great two days ago … now the Advanced actions just aren’t working. I don’t think it is related to the upgrade (I have talked to friends at other companies that use Lansweeper and they aren’t having any issues), but the upgrade is the only thing in our environment that has changed.

Any ideas?
Engaged Sweeper
Fixed it - lansweeper$ was missing from c:program files\lansweeper\actions