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Engaged Sweeper
our lansweeper server recently had it's certificate expire. but lansweeper worked just fine. then one of the server admins installed a new cert and now we can't save any changes to assets. you can click the edit button to edit the asset but clicking save does absolutely nothing.

any suggestions on what we can do to fix the issue?
Lansweeper Alumni
The error message indicates that your database is full, which explains why you can't add data. This may mean that:
- Your disk is full.
- You've reached the database size limit of your SQL Server edition/version.
- The PRIMARY filegroup can no longer grow, because autogrowth has been disabled for instance.

You will need to either:
- Free up disk space.
- Clean up your database.
- Change your autogrowth settings.
- Move your database to a different SQL Server.

Please follow up with support@lansweeper.com and provide us with a screenshot of Configuration/Scanning Setup/Database Scripts.
Engaged Sweeper
it was recommended that we upgrade to the latest version of lansweeper. this has been done and the server has been rebooted.

current version of lansweeper being used

However, we are still unable to edit any assets and save the results. clicking save does nothing. In addition if we try to add an assett manually from scratch we get the following database error.

Database Error after Upgrade

Any help would be apprciated.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact support@lansweeper.com regarding this issue.