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Engaged Sweeper
Is this in the Plan for the Future to Push Software Installs. Also what about any Mapping Tools to create Network Maps
Lansweeper Alumni
- Maps will likely be included in Lansweeper 5.2.
- Remote installation will be included in a 5.X version of Lansweeper.

We have no release date yet for either of these features.
Engaged Sweeper
Are you familiar with PsTools?

We use PsExec to remotely execute commands. You can use this to write an action in Lansweeper to install your software.

Don't forget to include any switches (such as silent install) when you are writing it.

What are you trying to install remotely?

Here's an action that we use as a bit of a guide...
You need to have psexec.exe in your actions folder in Lansweeper server.
You also need to have the install files to the software on a share that can be accessed by the PC you want to install it on...

So something like...


So when you launch this action, it will launch a command prompt and you will have to enter the password of the account that you have specified