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Need some help with custom event log report

We recently had a user's hard drive fail and I later noticed that his event log was full of "bad block" errors that would have alerted us to the problem ahead of time if we had been more attentive to the event log feature in LANSweeper. To assist us...

HarkinsIT by Champion Sweeper
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Hi,I wanted to know if there is a way to do reports which show me exactly what servers are Windows 2008 standard and which ones are 2008 enterprise etc...Could you let me know please.Thanks

blm by Engaged Sweeper
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Disable disk space on USB device

Hi,Is it possible to disable scan of disk space on USB device ? On my dashboard it show 3 UC with free disk space less than 1 GB But when I'm on computer detail I can see it's just an USB device.

boupjof by Engaged Sweeper III
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Not able to exclude machines

I can't seem to post to my post, so sorry for re-posting But the exclude PCs isn't working. I used both the NETBIOS name and the FQDN - it's important to note these PCs are on another domain than the main server - although scanning is working for th...

Firefox won't run actions while on Mac

I can't get the actions to work using Firefox on a Mac running OS X 10.6.3. Asks for plugin, I install, but still won't work. I know I must be installing in wrong location, can someone tell me where the correct location is on a Mac?

apaddle by Engaged Sweeper
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LDAP Server Unavailable Messages

I added a second domain to my scanning and most of the domain is OK, but some are not - I went looking in the errorlog.txt file and noticed these messages -6/11/2010 5:21:56 AM: ASPBDC-VM02 The LDAP server is unavailable. at System.Direc...

Lots of AD cleanup errors being logged in the errrolog.txt

Hello,I'm using Lansweeper Premium version have an Active Directory forest with a root domain and a child domain. The child domain uses a different namespace (noncontiguous namespace). All of the computers that have this issue are in the ...

ecarrara by Engaged Sweeper
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Display: Screensaver with/without password reports inaccurate?

I have about 2400 computers that have been recognized by Lansweeper in my environment. Some 400 have not been scanned (for various reasons). When I check the report "Display: Screensaver without password" the report returns some 1800 of my compute...

sebouh by Engaged Sweeper
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