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Recently Installed Software

Having a list of recently installed software would a nice feature.Thanks,Niles

Pollak by Engaged Sweeper III
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Vews Description in documentaction

Hi, It will wonderfull, for personalitation, to have in documentation a description for tables, views and Web pages.

cheche by Champion Sweeper
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IIS and SQL Server details

Would be very useful to get complete details on IIS and SQL server on each machine (sites, app pools, databases, DB file size, etc...). Naturally it would need to support different version of IIS and SQL.

techorders by Engaged Sweeper II
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I've been playing around with Powershell, especially the Quest AD Management Shell and I found a lot of potencial in it for Lansweeper! With a few scripting we can for instance change AD user information, change AD computer data...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Unstalling Apps

Ok .. I need your help for those that program in WMI or Cscript. I have figured out how to uninstall apps from remote systems now I would like to combine it into one script. I know that combining the information in the database and remote commands th...

used software

Hi thereI would appreciate, if it would be possible to see how often a software was used, and when it was used the last time.If this is possible ThanksH. Kern

hkern by Engaged Sweeper
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General custom actions

It would be nice to get a list of custom actions in the main window.It can be used to have links to the actions without select any computer....

rvgfox by Engaged Sweeper
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Alternative database engine

I dont like MS SQL very much, its got some terrible memory management in my opinion, it would be good to have the option to work lansweeper with another db such as mysql.It should be as simple as changing the config files in the server and web folder...