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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee


Below you can find the changelog of changes made between 8.0.190 and 8.1.100

  • LAN-7409 Fixed: When linking an installation to the Platform, the Web console stops working
  • LAN-5130 Changed: Changes to blacklisted static data tables
  • LAN-5718 Fixed: Invalid token error “[Line 2, Col 37]: you must be logged in”
  • LAN-5701 Fixed: Empty error message when changing license
  • LAN-5564 Added: Sync status hybrid
  • LAN-5572 Added: IT Asset Data platform branding
  • LAN-5550 Fixed: Install not found
  • LAN-5704 Changed: Max packet size should be 150Kb instead of 300Kb
  • LAN-7375 Fixed: AssetJournalTracker - UTC conversion calculation has a 1 minute difference
  • LAN-5698 Fixed: License not found error should be cleaned when showed to the user
  • LAN-7403 Fixed: Hybrid unlink - Sync and switch button not disabled
  • LAN-5705 Fixed: Token refresh hover message too far from icon
  • LAN-5369 Fixed: UTC - tblAssetCustom.LastChanged not ok for Default location
  • LAN-7435 Fixed: Asset Radar Log/Device updates shouldn’t be sent to cloud if only the number of packets/lastchanged changed
  • LAN-7419 Changed: Optimize database triggers for data platform
  • LAN-4963 Fixed: One or more errors occurred while adding cloud sync configuration
  • LAN-5573 Added: Sync status hybrid prerequisite checks
  • LAN-4676 Added: Send the Scanning Server Status to data platform to have a live snapshot.
  • LAN-5570 Added: Sync status hybrid auto refresh
  • LAN-4813 Changed: AssetJournalTracker triggers: Performance Improvement for tblQuickEngineeringFix, tblSoftware and tblServices
  • LAN-5646 Fixed: Switching to a valid license (for cloud) not possible via Configuration\Your Lansweeper License while in hybrid mode
  • LAN-7398 Added: Implement missing handler for when a user deletes a site in data platform
  • LAN-2827 Fixed: Install is not deactivated when not found in data platform
  • LAN-5208 Added: Manual Token Refresh
  • LAN-4262 Fixed: Commands that don’t require sudo don’t run without sudo (RHEL)
  • LAN-5221 Fixed: Notifications sent to installation even though they return “0” to the query
  • LAN-7378 Added: AWS scanning target regions: sorting
  • LAN-5207 Added: Expired or Invalid token
  • LAN-5206 Added: Token Refresh
  • LAN-5211 Added: Hybrid License Check
  • LAN-5170 Added: TLS1.2 Check when connecting or sending to LEC
  • LAN-5169 Added: TLS1.2 check when getting LEC sites
  • LAN-7418 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Configuration page - AM/PM Shown while the time is shown in 24h format
  • LAN-5348 Fixed: QaCli - bakFilePath parameter not used for pushing/syncing data
  • LAN-5706 Fixed: Remove deprecated parameters from installationResync graphql call
  • LAN-7420 Changed: Optimize asset radar cleanup
  • LAN-7457 Changed: AWS - Align regions in Lansweeper.TestTools.App
  • LAN-7401 Fixed: Sync Service prereq checks - Disk space not correct
  • LAN-5714 Fixed: Problem in tblVmwareProductInfo database documentation
  • LAN-7458 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Login - Error One or more errors occurred.
  • LAN-7429 Added: Cloud sync logging: disable platform stats debug option by default
  • LAN-4769 Fixed: LEC connection issues not reflected in the Enterprise Configuration in the web console
  • LAN-5670 Added: Database documentation - Update PRDWLASTDBSCHEMA01\sqlserver
  • LAN-7422 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Configuration page - I get a JSError in my web errorlog when linking (Error: TypeError: (intermediate
    value).apply is not a function)
  • LAN-7440 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Choose Sync Server - Possible to click “Next” while no sync server is selected
  • LAN-7438 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Configuration page - Site selection issue
  • LAN-7441 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Choose Sync Server - JSError in the web errorlog when selecting a sync server (Edge)
  • LAN-5408 Changed: Dynamically retrieve cloud AWS config/destination details that are currently hard coded
  • LAN-4770 Added: Add a safety to the Lansweeper Service to prevent tblAssetJournal from growing out of control
  • LAN-7390 Fixed: OnPrem sends an Insert message every 5h for Hard Disks
  • LAN-4952 Fixed: Lowering the rate “Lansweeper LocalDB Service install failed. ErrorId: -1” is thrown during Updates
  • LAN-5702 Fixed: Get errors from GraphQL the proper way
  • LAN-7393 Added: Lansweeper legal info: legal info in on-prem web console
  • LAN-5676 Added: Sync status hybrid: linking with the Platform
  • LAN-7459 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Login - action=authenticate : Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path
  • LAN-7456 Fixed: TsysLastScan produces too much data in cloud
  • LAN-7425 Changed: References to old “Lansweeper Enterprise” and “LEC” branding in web console
  • LAN-7400 Added: Service: Implement min cloud sync versions check (like in website) everytime a sync action is started
  • LAN-3819 Fixed: Error saving SCCM data: The relationship could not be changed because one or more of the foreign-key properties is non-nullable
  • LAN-5165 Fixed: Database connection pool errors when using high (but allowed) thread settings
  • LAN-7453 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Text of unlink popups not up to date
  • LAN-5030 Fixed: LansweeperLocalDbService fails to start with “handle is invalid” error
  • LAN-7442 Fixed: IT Asset Data Platform - Sync Service prerequisite checks - Response is not available in this context Error in the web errorlog
  • LAN-5215 Changed: Messaging for temporary and expired licenses
  • LAN-7381 Fixed: User defined report data - datetimes not converted to UTC
  • LAN-3368 Fixed: Marker file, helpdesk.master and other errors that are resolved by clearing temporary ASP. NET files
  • LAN-4643 Fixed: Lansweeper LocalDB fresh install failing with Error: Installing Lansweeper service failed! Error from PostInstall_Configure_Lansweeper_Service: Operation aborted.