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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi Everyone,

There is a new beta version ready. To find out what is new, take a look at the changelog.

How to get started

This Lansweeper version is a beta. Do not update your production installation of Lansweeper with this version.
Please install this version on a separate machine to test.

Step 1

If you’d like to test this version wit the IT Asset Data Platform, create a new site for your new test.

Step 2

Download the new beta version.

Step 3

Scan (all or just a small part) of your network to get some data in your test installation.

Alternatively, you can also create a copy of your production installation and move it to your test installation. Instructions can be found here.

Optional: Step 4

Install the new version on your test machine, Additionally, you can enable your sync to your newly created test IT Asset Data Platform site in Configuration/IT Asset Data Platform



Step 5

Did you expirience any issues with this verison?

  • Yes (elaborate in a reply)
  • No

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