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Engaged Sweeper II
Some times for some PC in the our network i've got the error:
Cannot resolve IP address
We use a static IPs with out a DNS server. I've already added the IP of those PC in the hosts file of my Lansweeper server.

I already checked the Lansweeper troubleshooting guide and DNS guide
Device tester test passed with out any erors:
Pinging JOSKIN_0084
Ping ok.

Scanning TCP ports..
135 open (EPMAP)
139 open (NetBIOS Session Service)
445 open (SMB)

Checking DNS..
DNS resolved to:
If this is not correct, please check for DNS problems.

Scanning netbios (UDP)..
Computername: JOSKIN_0084
Domain: POLSKA

Scanning WMI..
Computername: JOSKIN_0084
If this is not correct, please check for DNS problems

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP ProfessionnelService Pack 3
\root\cimv2 Remote WMI access test OK

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3
\root\default Remote WMI access test OK

manually launched "Rescan Asset" solve the problem, but until a next Lansweeper's IP rescan

Lansweeper version v.5052, but this issue was in previous(5.*) versions too
Engaged Sweeper II
Sorry, i think it was my fault.
I forget to update Lsclient.exe, used on the Windows logon.
It was a version 4.0.*
Changed it to the last one solved(i hope, during last 2 days all is ok) my problem.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at support@lansweeper.com and provide us with:
- A link to this forum thread.
- Screenshot of JOSKIN_0084's Lansweeper webpage when this issue occurs. Show us the Errors and Scan Time tab of the page.