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Engaged Sweeper
First at all thanks for this great Product

In our Lansweeper we use the custom fields to store informations about our buildings/room numbers and soon. Is there a way, to display these fields globally (central stored procedure) in all Lansweeper Reports/Websites?

Actually if have modified the description field in some reports to display the infos (see code below).

ISNULL(dbo.tblCompCustom.Building+' '+dbo.tblCompCustom.Department+' '+dbo.tblCompCustom.Custom1, '') AS Description

I know this is not supported, but it works good. The great problem is to find/change this in all possible Lansweeper Reports/SQL-Views/SQL-Procedures.

Maybe it could get a custom definable feature for a new release...
Lansweeper Alumni
Maybe a better solution would be a script to update the computer description on the computer itself.
This way Lansweeper always picks up the correct description.

Just an idea:
-You change the computer description in active directory (the only place to manually change it)
-You use a computer startup script that synchronize the computer description with the description in active directory.
-Lansweeper picks up the correct name and it is the same in AD/computer/lansweeper
Champion Sweeper
I'm looking for a solution to this as well. I'm populating the Description field with a field from another table. Having a way to globally make a change like this would be extreamly useful.
Thanks, Jim Lovejoy __________________________________________________________________________________________________ James W. Lovejoy | IBM - Cloud Managed Services Delivery | Infrastructure Architect (Windows Server ...
Lansweeper Alumni
If you want to do this now I'm afraid you have to change all stored procedures (which we don't support)