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Engaged Sweeper III
Because the information is no where close to 70 percent accurate and we currently have no way of overriding the values, this info for me is currently useless. Furthermore, the fact that it uses valuable display space on the main dashboard isn't good either.

A computer should have at least certain fields that can be overridden just like devices. For instance, 2 fields that should fall in this category would be type and chassis. I realize that type is currently not a field for computers but it should be.

For example, I would think that a vast majority of companies run Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Terminal server. If so, the Device type labelled "Mail server" and "Terminal server" currently can never be used and these servers cannot be grouped based on the function they fulfill.

So you have a nice idea of categorizing systems by type "function", but the way it is currently implemented is not working for us?

We will not use "custom fields" to achieve what i want when you obviously are trying to provide the functionality natively. I think it is just of question of fine tuning the implementation and because it is not a show stopper, we will wait.


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