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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee


Today we released some minor features to Cloud. You can find all the details below.

Report Library

  • Reports have been recategorized based on user feedback. Additional categories have been added as a result.

  • A new custom report category has been added to always be able to quickly view custom reports only.



  • The report library now lets you navigate to categories and subcategories by clicking on them

  • Built-in reports now have short and full descriptions



Data Quality

  • Added additional data fields to the following asset types:

    – AWS EC2

    – Citrix Xenserver

    – Printer

    – Linux

    – AWS EC2 VPC

    – Azure Resource Group

    – Azure Virtual Machine

    – NAS

    – Intune

    – ESXi Server

    – Windows Cluster

    – Asset Location & Security summary areas




  • Added an assets category to view assets by installation
  • Installation status is shown at the top of the new assets by installation category

Data Sync

  • Initial upload progress is now shown in the scanning queue