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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee


Today we are releasing a couple of new interesting features to Cloud.

Report execution

To improve performance for reports and add additional functionality, report scheduling has been added. You can now choose when your report will be executed and refreshed. If you want to, you can always trigger an instant refresh if you need the data ASAP.

In addition, you can now see the change in the results of your report compared to the previous execution. So you’ll know instantly whether the report has had more or less results since last time.


The first version of our notification system has been implemented. Notifications allow us to set-up alerts for installation-critical events or to inform you of actions that need to be taken.

Currently, four notification types are available:

  • Alert / Error (e.g. when a scan server has an unsupported version)
  • Confirmation / Success (e.g. when a push process ends)
  • Information (e.g. new feature available)
  • Warning (e.g. when the database is about to fill its capacity)

In the future, we plan on expanding the usage of these notifications to provide you with more feedback about your IT network.

For a full overview, you can take a look at our blog post. Additionally, you can take a look at it yourself in your own Cloud site.

What's next?

As you might have seen we have done testing for improved syncing and the initial implementation of bi-directional data transmission. Our next step is to get this operational and rolled out to everyone currently using Cloud.

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