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Engaged Sweeper
Hi Lansweeper Support,

We have several Cisco Catalyst switches, the snmp-server community have been configured as showing below:
snmp-server community myReadOnlyPassword RO
snmp-server community MyWritePassword RW

The Lansweeper(5060) can only shows basic information something like below:

Asset Type: Network device
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems
Http server: cisco-IOS
Scan status:

Scan server: MyLanSweeperServer
State: Active
IP Location: Local Subnet
First seen: 04/08/2013 09:25:13
Last seen: 04/09/2013 00:00:47
Purchased: unknown
Warranty: unknown

In the configuration of Lansweeper for Global SNMP, I already input Global SNMP Credential (MyWritePassword).
Global SNMP Devices Community

However I still can't get any more information from the Cisco Catalyst switch. Can anybody give some help regarding this issue? Thanks for your help.

Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact and provide us with screenshots of:
- Configuration/Scanning Setup/Your License.
- Lansweeper webpage of one problem device.
- Connection test performed to the same device using the DeviceTester.exe:
Perform the test on your Lansweeper server, connecting to the device, and show us the entire test window.