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Engaged Sweeper
I would love to have the ability to tie comments to a specific software/software version by name. Currently, the only comments available are tied to the asset table (tblAsset) or using one of the twenty custom fields in the asset custom table (tblAssetCustom), neither of which work well for my use case listed below.

If I have 10 devs on Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 and 2 of them still have VS Enterprise 2012 installed, I want to be able to attach a comment to VS Enterprise 2012 in LAN Sweeper that states what dependencies require those 2 devs to have and use 2012. This is just one example, but happens over and over, not to mention the one-off apps that only 1 or 2 users have that I would love to comment on inside LAN Sweeper rather than having to keep those comments in a separate Excel spreadsheet.

Thanks for reading!