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Engaged Sweeper
Is it possible to create a custom table manually in lansweepers database?

I need to have a unique number correlating to each ms office product key.
The number also can't be random, so something like the product id column wouldn't suffice.

Engaged Sweeper
ok, is it possible to add a 'Asset Custom field' to a report?
Engaged Sweeper III
meteotest wrote:
ok, is it possible to add a 'Asset Custom field' to a report?

Yes. There is a "tblAssetCustom" table you can drop into a report. Check the Custom field number you want included and you should be good to go. The common names you set for the fields (on the Asset Pages configuration) will not display when creating the report, just "Custom#".
Lansweeper Alumni
We do not provide support for this. You can add your own tables in SQL Server Management Studio if you know what you're doing, but we will not provide instructions for this and will not provide support if you accidentally break your installation or run into issues during updates.