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Engaged Sweeper III

Is there a way to execute a script remotely on the distant computer (probably using psexec) so that the script will execute properly?

The script in question is a .bat file that calls a .vbs file, you need to first start the batch and it will in turn automatically call the vbscript file. Here is the current command I have tried inputting but that doesnt work :

cmd.exe /K \\SHARE\psexec.exe \\{computer} -c \\SHARE2\batch.bat

when I run this I get a psexec access denied error. Should i instead contact psexec support (sysinternals) or can this be solved with another command or tweaked to work?


added : the network share that hosts the batch file has full access to Everyone (for this particular batch security is not so important as long as it works) and adding the -u and -p switches to psexec doesnt work.
Lansweeper Alumni
I'm not sure but I think psexec.exe runs as the local system account by default remotely. This account does not have network access.