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Engaged Sweeper II
Not sure if this will be helpful for others but thought I would pass it along. We use DameWare Mini Remote Control and I used the following Action
"C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\DameWare Mini Remote Control 11.0 x64\DWRCC.exe" -c: -h: -m:{computer} -a:1

After searching for a computer you can then click on the Action for DameWare and this will automatically open DameWare and connect to the PC as with the Authentication of 'Windows NT Challenge/Response' and it will use the Current Loggon Credentials.

Below is information on the switches in the action
-c: Connects automatically
-h: Uses default connection settings
-m: Sets the machine or host name...I used {computer} which is pulled from Lansweeper as a command
-a: Specifies authentication method...0=Proprietary Challenge/Response, 1=NT Challenge/Response, 2=Encrypted Windows Logon, 3=Smart Card Logon

Nothing huge, just thought it might help someone else
Engaged Sweeper
I get the file not found error message. Any idea why this is ? I doublechecked the path, and it does work in my explorer.
Engaged Sweeper II
My version ....
{actionpath}\dw\DWRCC.exe -m:{computer} -d:Work.local -a:1

Use one version for all users.

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