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Engaged Sweeper
How can i see a date & time computer scan in "Date" field on dashboard?
Lansweeper Alumni
The time is automatically removed from many pages that include a date/time, so the pages can be correctly sorted. If you want to include times, you will need to create a custom report. A sample report can be seen below.
Select Top 1000000 DERIVEDTBL.icon, DERIVEDTBL.Name As Sysname, DERIVEDTBL.IP, DERIVEDTBL.IPLocation, DERIVEDTBL.Type, DERIVEDTBL.Domain, DERIVEDTBL.Lastseen As DateTime, DERIVEDTBL.computername From (Select Web40OSName.Compimage As icon, tblComputers.LastknownIP As IP, web40AllIPLocations.IPLocation As IPLocation, tblComputers.Computer As Name, Web40OSName.OSname As Type, tblComputers.Lastseen, tblComputers.IPNumeric, Cast(tblComputers.Computername As varchar) As computername, tblComputers.Domain From tblComputers Inner Join web40AllIPLocations On tblComputers.Computername = web40AllIPLocations.Computername Inner Join web40ActiveComputers On tblComputers.Computername = web40ActiveComputers.Computername Inner Join Web40OSName On tblComputers.Computername = Web40OSName.Computername Union Select tsysDevicetypes.ItemTypeIcon10 As icon, tblCustDevices.Ipaddress As IP, web40AllIPLocationsDev.IPLocation As IPLocation, tblCustDevices.Displayname As Name, tsysDevicetypes.ItemTypename As Type, tblCustDevices.LastSeen, tblCustDevices.IPNumeric, tblCustDevices.DeviceKey As computername, '' As domain From tsysDevicetypes Inner Join tblCustDevices On tsysDevicetypes.ItemType = tblCustDevices.Devicetype Inner Join web40AllIPLocationsDev On tblCustDevices.DeviceKey = web40AllIPLocationsDev.DeviceKey Where tblCustDevices.State = 1) DERIVEDTBL Order By DERIVEDTBL.IPLocation, DERIVEDTBL.IPNumeric

To use the specified report, do the following:
• Open the Lansweeper configuration console and select Reports & Alerts\Report Builder. Hit the “New” button.
• Copy the SQL code provided and paste it at the bottom of the newly created report, replacing the default SQL code.
• Click somewhere near tblComputers so the new code applies.
• Give the report a “View name” and a “Report name” and hit the “Save” button.
• Double-click on the report in the report list to see its results and export options.