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Engaged Sweeper III

In our company we are using Lansweeper
I have a problem when I open Lansweeper configuration utlity and try to change something in Dashboard.

For example instead of:

Services: Automatic update service not running

I wanna see:
Memory: Less than 2GB RAM

When I switch that... Close the lansweeper configuration windows and reopen it, I see that changes have not been saved 😞
Where do I save thoose changes?
After making the changes I have even went to SCANNING SETUP and there clicked save options... then under CONFIGURATION I have also clicked SAVE OPTIONS, but if I reopen configuration utility all changed settings are gone 😞
Engaged Sweeper III
thanks for the corect answer.

with best regards
Lansweeper Alumni
Editing the line and going to another line or pressing enter should do the trick.