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Engaged Sweeper
I installed a fresh copy on a new server with the database on a seperate SQL Server. I then backed up the database for the same version from a test copy I've been running for a while and restored it to the SQL Server under the same name, lansweeperdb. I then reconnected the lansweeperuser account back to the db.

When I looked in the configuration utility under scanning setup, I saw that the server defined was the old server name. I deleted the old server, setup the port, computer threads, and ip threads, and saved options. Now I have a blank entry listed for the server. Scanning pointed at the new server with lsclient doesn't work. What do I do to fix this?

Engaged Sweeper
Thanks! I deleted the server and restarted the service. Everything is working as expected now.
Lansweeper Alumni
First delete the server, make sure it's gone, then restart the service, this will create a new server entry