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Engaged Sweeper

I have already posted about this issue and thought this was resolved however I seem to have issues again.

We use the login script to initiate the scans of our machines which works fine and then we use the custom fields to add data like warranty date and tag number etc... my question some back was how can we rename the laptop and keep the custom data...? The response i got was to rename the laptop in the lansweeper console and then rename the machine and the data should follow over.

However, I had to rebuild a users laptop due to HDD failure.

Before re-imaging the laptop I renamed the laptop in lansweeper console to the new laptop name L-XXXX-B it was L-XXXX-A and then re-imaged the laptop naming the laptop L-XXXX-B and now i have two instances of the same laptop in my database, the only difference being the FQDN and one has the custom fields completed and the other one (older entry) doesnt.

Please can you help with this?
Lansweeper Alumni
Problem resolved through email. There was a typo in the machine's updated database name.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you contact us at and provide us with the following:
- The Errorlog.txt file located in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service on your Lansweeper server.
- Screenshot of your web console landing page. You can access your landing page by clicking on the Lansweeper logo in the top left corner of the web console. Please show us the whole page.
- Screenshots of both Lansweeper webpages that exist for the machine. Please show us the followings tabs: Actions, Errors (if it exists).