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Lansweeper Alumni
How do i add Computer Name to this report? Or the ability to Drill down to a list of the duplicates or the associated computers.

I see that you can already create a report to find duplicate sids.
The -500 account at the end means that this is the local administrator account.

Select Top 100 Percent tblUsers.SID, Count(tblUsers.UserID) As Total
From dbo.tblComputers Inner Join
tblUsers On dbo.tblComputers.Computername = tblUsers.Computername
Group By tblUsers.SID
Having tblUsers.SID Like '%-500'

You can create reports based on this.
Lansweeper Alumni
that is what i was looking for. just was bringing up an old search that report is perfect thanks as always

To add to this the two computers i am looking for are not showing in this list.

Last edit 🙂 nevermind not lansweepers fault got what i needed.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you clarify what you would like to do. The built-in report "Computer: Duplicate SID" should already include the information you need. (It lists computer names as well.)