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Engaged Sweeper
Currently using lansweeper 4.1, but I have also tried the following in the previous releases.

I am unable to send out any email alerts from lansweeper with or without authentication. If I enable authentication and click on "Mail selected reports now" I receive this error "Optimistic concurrency check failed. The row was modified outside of this cursor.".

If I disable authentication and simply use my hMailserver relay which strips out the need for a username or password then it simply never sends the email. I have tested the hMailserver with outlook to make sure I configured it right and I have been successfully sending email over smtp without a username, password or any type of secure connection.

I also have stunnel which simply adds an SSL connection on top of normal smtp authentication, and the application on windows has a log window that easily accessible and real time. I have not seen any indication that smtp works at all in lansweeper.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please mail us screenshots of the mailing configuration.