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Engaged Sweeper
Hello LanSweeper forum!

After setting up the server and letting it run for nearly a week, more and more PC's are detected and scanned.

I have a certain OU which contains PC's that have all been purchased on the same date, from the same manufacturer at the same price, same make and model. There's about 116 items in all, and as a lazy sysadmin I don't want to edit every single item individually.

We've set up a number of custom fields, including price, deprecation rate, manufacturer, screen type, etc. Is there any way I can edit these fields for all the computers in this OU at once? I'm fine with SQL scripts or something similar since I have an SQL guru floating around here somewhere.

Also, a weird little bug in Microsoft's WMI... These PC's all have an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor, which the WMI service detects as an Intel Pentium III Xeon. Microsoft has a hotfix for it ( ). Personally I'm not going to bother fixing this problem since we'll be upgrading these machines to Windows 7 soon anyway, but still, just thought I'd share.
Engaged Sweeper
It's been a while!

The guru finally got around to making some scripts to allow me to upload CSV's with the appropriate information. Because of security concerns I cannot share these scripts, but it's very much possible and easy enough according to my SQL guy.

Lansweeper Alumni
You can ask the sql guru to create an odbc link from excel to the sql server.
You need to edit/add table "tblcompcustom"

thanks, we already have this in our kb: