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Engaged Sweeper
Hello team,

I would like to know, how to edit the '<title>' of the web page.

The title of any page reads as, "TabName - Lansweeper".

I would like to append additional info to the title so as to be able to distinguish my Test server from the Working one (without removing the orignal title ie. "TabName - Lansweeper")

Would like to achieve something like, Main page - (Test)Lansweeper.

Could you plese guide me on how to do this.

Any light on this would be of great help
Your assistence would be highly appreciated.

Lansweeper Alumni
Changing the logo is not allowed unless you own a Support Company license.
Engaged Sweeper
Ok so if suppose I want to add my Company logo to the Lansweeper logo, then how should I go about it?

My Company Logo is a little bigger and the lansweeper.png image dimension is not big enough to be able to fit along with it.
Could you please tell me how do I increase the dimension of that image so that i can fit both- Lansweeper Logo + Company Logo - together.
Lansweeper Alumni
You should be able to tell which server you're on from the URL. We do not support making manual changes to the Lansweeper web console.

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