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Engaged Sweeper
I want to create a report that views me ALL (system, application, ...) the eventlog ERRORS on a DAILY base. This report must come from "Windows" servers... so no PC's. I have Windows 2003 en 2008 servers, R1 and R2 servers.
Who can help me?
Lansweeper Alumni
You can use the report below and have it mailed to you on a daily basis. For info on setting up report mailing, please refer to page 91 of our online documentation.

Select tblComputers.Computername, tblComputers.ComputerUnique,
tblComputers.Domain, tblComputersystem.Domainrole, tblntlogevent.Eventcode,
tblntlogevent.Eventtype, tblntlogevent.Logfile, tblntlogevent.Message,
tblntlogevent.Sourcename, tblntlogevent.TimeGenerated, tblntlogevent.[User]
From tblComputers Inner Join
tblComputersystem On tblComputers.Computername =
tblComputersystem.Computername Inner Join
tblntlogevent On tblComputers.Computername = tblntlogevent.Computername
Where tblComputersystem.Domainrole > 1 And tblntlogevent.Eventtype = '1' And
tblntlogevent.TimeGenerated > GetDate() - 1
Order By tblntlogevent.TimeGenerated Desc

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