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Engaged Sweeper
I'm trying to enable event alert in Lansweeper and I'm not getting any alerts.

Here's what I have configured in Lansweeper configuration utility:

Under Scanning setup > Scanning servers > Options.
- Enable eventlog alert mailing on this server is checked
- smtp server, address and display name are filled out

Under Reports & Alerts > Mail alerts > Mail groups
- created a group called Alert with email address as

Under Reports & Alerts > Mail alerts > Eventlog alerts
- selected a few events (ie. Disk error 7). Enabled is selected and Mailgroup is to the group Alert (the group I created above).

What else am I missing, I don't have any email alerts from Lansweeper.
Lansweeper Alumni
You will get the alert when lansweeper scans this computer.
If the computer is scanned after one day you will get the alert one day later.
Engaged Sweeper
It's working, it just took a while (like a day or so before I got my first report). However I seem to get the same alert about 3 times, each about half a day apart.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please mail us screenshots at and your errorlog.txt file.