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Engaged Sweeper III
So Lansweeper does a great hardware and software inventory, is there also an easy way to do some sort of file inventory? For example we would like to do an inventory of all our word and PDF files on a network drive, would that be possible?

Engaged Sweeper III
Actually Perkins your software is exactly what we need! I just needed to look a bit more at the functionalities.

Would Lansweeper be able to modulate a bit what this software does? probably in a future version...

Engaged Sweeper III
Thanks for the link Perkins!

That looks more like a hard disk software than file management however, we would need to basically map multiple files across multiple shared drives, not really look how a specific hard disk is used.
Engaged Sweeper
You might want to look at a product called "Treesize Professional"

It will not hold the information and update but you can run it and get the information. Anyway, to keep track of file changes all the time would be taxing on your server.

hope that helps!

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