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Engaged Sweeper III
I have LS on two different sites in the same Active Directory structure but different OU's.

I set up both LS sites to only gather the pc's from the respective OU's. However, they will be fine for a few days, then start slowly listing all the other PCs fromt he other OU. When I go into configuration and delete them, they come back in a few days.

Any thoughts on how to get the OU filtering to work properly?

Also, I do not have an IP range specified.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at support@lansweeper and provide us with the following:

- Output of the report below for both your installations.

Select tblComputers.Computername, tblComputers.ComputerUnique,
tblComputers.Domain, tblComputers.Firstseen, tblComputers.Lastseen,
tblComputers.Lasttried, tblComputers.Lasttriggered,
tblComputers.LastScheduled, tblComputers.LastActiveScan,
tblComputers.LastLsPush, tblADComputers.OU
From tblComputers Inner Join
tblADComputers On tblComputers.Computername = tblADComputers.Computername
Order By tblComputers.ComputerUnique

- Screenshots of the Lansweeper configuration console under Scanning Servers\Your Server\Active Scanning for both installations.