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Engaged Sweeper

I have recently taken over the management of lansweeper for my company and have some question that I hope someone can assit with.

My main concern is the old data which is displayed for each IP range so I would like to start from the beginning by removing all old scans and results and scan everything on the entire domain again.

In the scanning and cleanup options i have selected:

Automaticall make non-active computers active when they are scanned.
Remove computers not found in active directory from all tables.
Remove computers disabled in active directory from all tables.
select computers to non active if not seen in the last 30 days
Permanently delete computers not seen in the last 48 days

For each of the IP ranges I have selected “full rescan”

I then went to the Lansweeper configuration on the Lansweeper server and selected scan all ranges now but I still get entries from 2011.

Can anyone help please

Lansweeper Alumni
Rescanning will not trigger a database cleanup. You've taken the first step in enabling cleanup options, but please note that cleanup actions are performed when the Lansweeper service is started and subsequently every 24 hours. If you make any changes to your cleanup options and wish to apply them immediately, restart the Lansweeper service.