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Engaged Sweeper

forgive me if this has been answered previously. i did a search but couldnt find a relevant answer.

i have a windows server dedicated for lansweeper. i have created a standard domain account in active directory with no admin rights

i want to log on to this server with this non admin account and use it to query the machine on my domain.

my question is - is it possible to configure ad group policy to allow a non admin user have the necessary rights to query machines on the domain and if so what settings are required?

Engaged Sweeper
you can find the information on page 22 (documentation)

Scanning credentials are login/password combinations used by your Lansweeper installation to
remotely access and scan network assets. The following asset types require a scanning credential in
order to be scanned remotely: Linux, Unix and Mac computers, Windows computers, VMware
servers and network devices (printers, switches…) that have SNMP enabled.
The scanning credential you submit for an asset or asset group must have administrative privileges
on that asset or within that asset group
. Your Lansweeper installation allows you to submit an
unlimited number of scanning credentials.

and next
Windows computers can be scanned locally as well, using the LsPush
scanning method. If you scan your Windows computers exclusively using
LsPush, you do not need to submit Windows scanning credentials.

Computers running a Home edition of Windows must be scanned using
LsPush, as these machines cannot be accessed remotely.