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Champion Sweeper
Is there some place on the site that descriptively goes through creating reports, what all these "tblAssets" (etc...) mean, and how to place them? Also how to add a particular item to a report that you can see when looking at an asset. Anytime I try to create a report, I basically end up trashing it because everything I try to add or adjust spits an error back. I hate having to constantly ask for someone to give me code for a report I want so if there is someplace on here that can help me with this, please let me know! Thanks!
Champion Sweeper
Adding the database dictionary will be extremely helpful! Thanks for the link... now off I go to learn and create some reports. 🙂
Lansweeper Alumni
We are currently working on a database dictionary where you will find a description for every field.

If you want to learn the sql basics then we recommend that you visit this website: