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Engaged Sweeper
I version 4 I was able to prefix html code direct;y in the text of a custom field. For example I wanted custom field 2 to be the value of "Server tier" and I wanted this to be pushed down a line on the screen so the custom fields do not run together too much. In the text prompt for custom field 2 I entered (with the quote) "<BR>Server Tier" and this worked fine. I could even change font colors if I wanted to. In version 5 this does not work, the <BR> code is not interpreted as HTML code and is displayed on the screen.

Is this a bug or intended? Is there another way to do this? I also saw that I could not remove the <BR> via the custom field 2 text box, it errored out. I had to go to the tsysCustomNames table and remove it there via SQL.
Lansweeper Alumni
We have added this feature request to our customer wish list. HTML insertion has never been supported. That this used to work in 4.2 is coincidental.