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Engaged Sweeper III
Ok so lets try and make your memory information gathering better. Using the cmdline or remote CMDLINE an ADMIN can get more information on what memory chips are installed to match the make and model if purchasing etc.

I have been looking for ways to better this process as lansweeper only gives very very basic information about memory. that does not really help when upgrading or purchasing memory to max the pc out for example.

Anywho, using wmic memorychip at the cmdline will give you much better information that lansweeper is not providing at this time.

I just tested the remote cmdline -> wmic memorychip to a workstation on our network and was able to find the exact memory serial number to order and match what that system has.

Please incorporate this lansweeper!!!!!!!!!!!!

Engaged Sweeper III

This is the action that I got to work.

cmd.exe /K wmic /node:"{computer}" memorychip