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Champion Sweeper
I've used this script successfully to add Owners Names (tblcompcustom>custom1) for a known PC Name ( one at a time.

I'd like to expand on it and add more than one field when running the query. Say, building, custom1, location all for the same computer.

And to take it one step further, would like to be able to import that data from a CSV file.

If COMP1 has buildingA, User1, Location1 and is already in LS and COMP2 has none of those fields, but has been scanned into LS, I'd like to append buildingB, User2 and Location2.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Champion Sweeper
That would be great! I'll open a support ticket. For others wondering about the current script in my first post, it was as simple as adding the fields separated via comma. I've just added 12 records in a matter of a few minutes from a copy/paste from a spreadsheet using the database scripts window in LS. But would like to learn more about batch entry.

SET Location = 'Room 106', BarCode = 'BC0003245201', Building = 'Main Building'
Lansweeper Alumni
It might be better to connect to your Lansweeper database using something like Microsoft Access, which will simplify data insertion. If you contact us at, we can provide you with instructions for connecting to Lansweeper using MS Access.