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Engaged Sweeper

We are using Lansweeper on a W7 x64 Virtual Machine with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express.

Our Lansweeper scanning stopped working somehow 2010-07-17. We are only using IP Range Scanning and it doesn't work. There's simply nothing happening. Even if we push the "Scan all enabled ranges now" button, nothing happens.

We migrated to a new server about two weeks ago but i think it has worked since then. Because the "Last seen" field of most our machines shows 2010-07-17. What i did around the 17th, however, was remove the SSH credentials in all our IP ranges so we wouldn't get any "Failed Login Attempt" warning spam.

Normally, when Lansweeper was scanning it was using about 30-50% of the CPU and a lot of "Last Seen" entries would change. Now, as described above, nothing happens.

There are no entries in the Errorlog.

The Lansweeper Service is up and running.


Engaged Sweeper
Thank you! I oversaw that in the manual. Everything seems to be working fine here now.
Lansweeper Alumni
You can check the computers in the scanning queue on the server.
Engaged Sweeper
I managed to do a scan this afternoon. What i did was deleting the old IP ranges, and creating new ones. Then i clicked "Scan all enabled ranges now".

I therefore believe, that my problem was caused by removing all the SSH credentials last week. Might this be a bug? I'll try to reproduce the error maybe tomorrow or next week.

We started the scan this afternoon at about 15:00 CET and it is now (18:22 CET) still running (scanning two full networks). At least I think it's still running, because at the moment, the machine is at about 95% CPU usage by LansweeperService all the time. Strange thing is that there seems to be no Newtwork Traffic. Most of our network is empty at the moment, so I havent got any results since 15:30 CET, when it probably finished and Is this normal behaviour?

I hope the scan will be finished tomorrow morning, then i will retry to scan with new, but smaller IP ranges, so the tests won't last that long.

@tkerr: Did you click on "Scan all enabled ranges now"? After clicking it you should see the LansweeperService in Windows Task Manager using a lot of CPU. Then it takes some time i guess.
Engaged Sweeper
I am having the same problem. I created a new range and set a time. Clicked on save schedule and closed the config program. Went back in and nothing happened.

Please note my rank is still freeware user but we have bought premium.