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Engaged Sweeper
I am using lansweeper

I have setup "Active Scanning" to scan specific OU's only. When I add an IP range to "IP Address Range Scanning" and "Enable all IPranges" the IP range is scanned by IP Scanning, but then "Windows Computer Scanning" starts scanning all computers in "Active Directory" and I end up with all computers in all OU's added to Lansweeper. That is not the results I expected.
Lansweeper Alumni
Each scanning method works independently. What you have configured for Active Scanning has absolutely no impact on what is scanned by IP Address Range Scanning. A computer submitted for IP Address Range Scanning will be scanned regardless of whether or not it's submitted for Active Scanning as well.

If you want to use IP Address Range Scanning solely for scanning non-Windows machines, you can check the No Windows checkboxes for your IP ranges. Note that you will have to manually delete any unwanted machines that have already been scanned by clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console, ticking the checkboxes in front of the assets and hitting the Delete button on the left.