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Engaged Sweeper
Hello everybody,

I'm a new user, testing Lansweeper.
I've setup a standard installation with MSsql express database.
I created an IP range scan schedule from to .20.254 for non windows machines. Within this range at .1.9 there is an UPS from Eaton Corporation.
The first wrong thing is, that this Web/SNMP Card was detected as a "Mailserver".
Second, this IP will not disappear from the scanqueue, which one can see at port 9524 of the lansweeper server.
This is the 3rd IP range scan, so the mentioned IP is now three times in-queue:

Lansweeper service

Trial version - Active scanning enabled

Total computers processed: 272

In queue 0 In process 0 Threads running 0 IP scans in queue 407
IP scans running 4

I expect after the 4th scan, the queue won't work any more?

What is going wrong there with that IP of the UPS management interface? Why is it not vanishing from the queue?

And why is Lansweeper not able to read the battery status? Other products I'm testing, do recognise it more accurate.

Thanks for your answer.

Lansweeper Alumni
please contact us at for this problem.

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