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Engaged Sweeper II
As long as you do not provide an electronic Kanban board as described in we propose to add a simple print-out function of tickets. These print-outs shall then be used on a physical Kanban chart.

Requirements for print-out (see also attachment)
- it should be possible to print all selected tickets based on a filter
- the Kanban print-out shall only comprise the first page of the standard ticket info
- in addition it shall show the picture of the user and the picture of the agent
- each ticket shall be printed out individually on a sheet of paper (A4 format)
- it would be a plus if it would be possible to print each ticket on A5 format deliberately
- print-out should be in portrait mode

Our idea for the handling:
- we would create a filter to select tickets of a certain type
- we would then print-out this tickets with the feature-set described above
- print-outs will be folded in the middle and pinned on our physical Kanban board
- we would handle these tickets in parallel on the physical Kanban board and in the Lansweeper helpdesk software

We would of course prefer the electronic Kanban board within Lansweeper. But this could be a simple interim solution.

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