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Engaged Sweeper II
We have been using the Lansweeper helpdesk for about 4 months now and generally we really like it. Most of my users are able to submit tickets from the web form without any trouble, however there are a few that for some reason when they click on send it does nothing and the ticket is not submitted. I know a few of these are because they have not filled in all the forms, but there are others where I have tried submitting tickets from their accounts and it does nothing at all, no red text, no error, it just sits there.
All users except our two admins (myself and one other) are exactly the same in Lansweeper, they were all created from Active directory. We have embedded the Lansweeper webpage into our companies SharePoint site as a webframe, which has not caused us any trouble at all, so I do not think that is the source of the problem. Any thoughts though would be welcome.